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From Doors to Drawers

Most kitchens have one thing in common “drawer chaos.” At Cabinet Cures we love to convert your old cabinets into functional drawers with a good pull out shelf system. Here are a few examples of that.

In a commercial kitchen, the cooks would have all their ingredients prepped and sitting out in nine-pans or bowls, so they can just grab and go as they turn out dish after dish. In a residential kitchen, it’s nice to have a spot for everything. Drawer dividers are a great solution for storing flat objects like lids, plates and cooking sheets.

Pullouts are a great solution for taller things like trash bins, recycling, and even a compost station could go here. Depending on your shelf design there may be enough room for spare paper towels, trash bags, and cleaning products.

island counter shelving and cabinets triangle cabinet cures

This kitchen had a cabinet door on the end of their island so we decided to remove it and leave it open. Don’t fall victim to thinking every inch of a kitchen has to have a cabinet! These open shelves may hold your fancy kitchenware or an iPod player so you can get your groove on when cooking.

Pantries don’t have to be all about food. If you have lots of storage use one for your dishes and glassware. This also works on a higher shelf. If it’s at eye level it will be more convenient.

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