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White: the Versatile Color

White is probably the most popular color choice for a kitchen because it is so versatile. With being able to swap out accessories for each season or having a new favorite color and want to change out all your kitchen towels, there isn’t a safer option out there. That is unless dirt is your mortal enemy. You may want a white kitchen, but often think to yourself “white is so hard to keep clean!” That thought alone may be what makes a homeowner compromise on their dream kitchen.

The “perfect” white kitchen looks like no one ever cooks there, and that is, of course, the very best way to keep a kitchen show ready 24/7. However, if you actually want to use your kitchen, you’ll notice over time the accumulation of grease, yellowing cabinets, and stained countertops.

Have I steered you away yet? I hope not! First, we need to look at why cabinets yellow? This can be from direct sunlight on painted cabinets. (Again, a reason you should never paint cabinets) Even with alternatives, it is best to install sheer blinds that don’t block out light entirely but create a diffused light to help protect those beautiful cabinets.

The second culprit is actually using your cooktop. As soon as you start cooking, those delicious smells that fill your home actually rise into the air in the form of tiny food and grease particles. What goes up must come down, and why not on your beautiful white cabinets? The best solution to prevent this is to actually use that fancy overhead exhaust fan to filter at least some of these pesky particles.

When it is time to wipe down your cabinets, it is rare that you actually need any heavy duty cleaners and we actually advise against abrasive sponges as they may dull the finish of your cabinets over time. Just use warm water, a soft washcloth, and a little elbow grease. If the messes are bigger and tougher such as grease splatters or spilled food, using a mild dish soap with warm water will generally do the trick.

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Even if your kitchen isn’t white, you should still follow these rules. Just because a white kitchen is less forgiving, doesn’t mean that a dark one can’t be just as gross.

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