Update Your Kitchen

Not everyone wants or has the ability to do a full kitchen remodel when it feels like that time is upon them. And sometimes it isn’t necessary at all, but you may feel like you want to do some kind of update anyway Thankfully, a full kitchen remodel is not necessary to create a new space in your same kitchen. Choosing any one of these tips can create a whole new experience when walking into and being in your kitchen space.

red accented white kitchen cabinets triangle cabinet cures

One of the easiest things you can do for your kitchen is change up the accent color. Choosing a bold color for an accent wall or replacing curtains for another color can change the look and feel of the space entirely. Trying something unexpected or vibrant can be a risky move, but the risk will be worth it. You can also paint nearby doors or windows instead if an accent wall doesn’t work in your kitchen layout.

Buy new dishes and cooking utensils to match it the new paint. Or if you don’t repaint and you haven’t updated your utensils in a while, choosing matching cookware that complements your kitchen already could be a great choice. If you do this, displaying your pots by hanging them on the wall or buy a pot rack to hang from the ceiling. It’s important to display the color if you are using it as an accent in the kitchen.

white kitchen cabinets dark island cabinets triangle cabinet cures
light blue kitchen cabinet pullout drawers triangle cabinet cures

Throwing down a colorful area rug that has a fun pattern or color can liven up the kitchen space and cover up unsightly floors if that is a problem in your kitchen. This rug can match or contrast your kitchen, depending on what kind of look you are going for. You can also buy new cushions for your bar stools to match the rug or another part of the kitchen.

Hanging a new painting or photograph—scenic and still life scenes are ideal—that matches the theme of your kitchen will tie everything together nicely. It can also bring in a splash of color if your kitchen is really lacking in that department. You can also choose a small sculpture or other art piece and place it on open shelves.

electric green kitchen walls dark island cabinets triangle cabinet cures

Changing up light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and barstools in your kitchen to match and theme together will bring cohesiveness to the kitchen if you are having this problem. When planning to update multiple things, take into consideration texture, color, and size when matching different items together. Having everything look like they belong together will truly do wonders.

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