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Take Advantage of your Glass Cabinets

Glass is a unique part of the kitchen that allows for a myriad of design choices. It has truly become a commonplace addition to any kitchen, as it breaks up the repetition of cabinets, exposes parts of your storage that can be taken advantage of, and with some of these tips we are providing, it can really make your kitchen something special.

The back of the cabinet is space that is often ignored or unutilized. Adding a color or simple pattern to the back of the cabinet will draw your eye to them. And pairing the color with other accents in your kitchen will truly tie everything together.

And to draw even more attention and show off what is inside the cabinet, adding lighting inside the glass is a great option. This is extremely common in display cabinets and if these cabinets are in a bar area. It’s important to plan exactly what you have inside your glass cabinets, otherwise, it can look unintentional and cluttered. This is a great way to highlight your expensive or fancy glasses and china. It doubles as a nightlight if you leave it on 24/7 and just a nice atmosphere when you’re nearby but not actively in it.

It can also be used as an open pantry. With a little bit of planning and color coordination, this look can really work. The look of a kitchen that looks lived in and the constant changing color and shape behind the glass is like a living painting. However, this look is not for everyone and does require a bit of work to make sure it doesn’t end up looking messy.

If you’re refacing your kitchen cabinets and adding glass cabinets, position the glass cabinets to balance out the elements of the kitchen. Often, framing a large vent hood or fridge by placing glass cabinets on either side of it is a nice resting place for the eye and keeps from any piece you don’t want standing out too much. This creates a cohesive design and feels very intentional and unified.



glass kitchen cabinets refacing triangle cabinet cures

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