Increase Cabinet Size with New Cabinet Boxes

Cabinet Cures is now offering custom cabinets: all the same great finish options you have come to expect from Cabinet Cures now with endless design possibilities like a full kitchen cabinet remodel. With custom cabinets alongside cabinet refacing, you can easily increase cabinet size with our custom cabinets. Any new cabinet boxes added will blend in perfectly alongside the cabinets you already have once the reface is complete.

Custom Cabinet Features
  • Completely customizable: made to any size specification. Face frame and frameless available.
  • Cabinet construction includes ¾” sides, backs, bottoms and top
  • Custom notched, glued and nailed together for a durable long lasting installation.
  • Easy care UV-finished interior
  • ¾” adjustable shelves
  • ¾” thick North American hardwood face frames (face frame cabinets only)
  • Available in ¾” natural maple or Melamine interior
Amazing transformation
Endless Possibilities with Custom Cabinets

Make Cabinets Taller

Instead of wasted space above your cabinets, we can make more usable space for you! Altering your cabinets to be taller is a simple process. We add another cabinet box on top of the current ones to add the height wanted or available. Then, when we reface your cabinets, our refacing materials cover both your original cabinets and the new cabinet box, blending them seamlessly.

Make Cabinets Wider

Just like making cabinets taller and if the wall space is available, we add additional cabinet boxes to the side of your current cabinets. Once refaced, it’s as if these additional cabinets were always there.

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