Learn Kitchen Designer Tips From The Experts

More than 30 years of professional experience in the cabinet refacing industry has made Cabinet Cures an expert in creating beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. Let the experts teach you about the current trends with kitchen designer tips. These videos talk about ways to make useless space in your kitchen have purpose while keeping with the times.

Cabinet Refacing From Start To Finish

Cabinet Cures, Inc. professionals share secrets to a professional kitchen refacing project. A 5-day transformation captured in 4 minutes of moving images. Watch as Jennifer’s Dream Kitchen comes to life!

Cabinet Refacing Part 1

We show you the transformation of old glossy white cabinets to new solid wood espresso black. We are using a cabinet refacing technique.

Cabinet Refacing Part 2

This is the finished result of the cabinet refacing process. The transformation process is quite amazing!

Cabinet Refacing Before & After

From boring to beautiful kitchen captured in less than a minute, thanks to Cabinet Cures of the Triangle!